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I would like to commission a painting or drawing, what's my first step?

If you have decided what you would like, you can purchase your portrait via the buy now buttons. If you are purchasing a portrait for a gift, gift vouchers are always the best route and these can be sent in the mail, or electronically. 

Do you work from photos or real life?

I often work from photos and return any hard copies with the finished artwork.

Can I email images? 

Yes, sending your photographs via email is the safest option, and quickest. If you are sending digital images, please send them in a jpeg format at the highest resolution.

How many photos should I send?

The more photographs you can send the better. I work from one main photograph for all subjects however do like to have others to refer to. If you are commissioning for an animal portrait, please indicate which photograph best represents your pet, and which you would like me to work from. Also let me know which depicts his/her true coloring. The more information I have, the more I have to work from.

You can send several photographs and have subjects from each placed together into a single painting. Simply give me detailed instructions how you want me to combine these photos into one painting. I don't charge extra for this service.

What quality of photograph do you need? 

The better the quality of photograph, then the better the finished painting or drawing will be. Photographs should be clear, in focus with the subject occupying the majority of the frame. Photographs showing subjects in the distance aren't usually good enough to work from.

Basically, I can clearly see the details of your photo I can make a painted portrait from it. I recommend that you pay attention to:

  • Send photos that flatter the photographed person. If you don't like the way you look in the photo, if you think that your smile doesn't look real, or your nose looks too big, try to pick another photo. I may not make the person look much better than he looks in the photo.
  • Try to send photos with the highest resolution. If your photo is less than 100 KB size, its resolution may be too low and I may have difficulties to make a good painting from a photo that doesn't clearly show details.
  • Pay attention to the background. You have a beautiful photo of your little boy, for example, but the background is filled with details that will detract from the painted portrait. In such a case, you can tell me to use a one color studio background of any color you choose. Just let me know.

I would like two subjects in one painting. Can you work from two separate photos and combine into one? 

Yes, even if you would like five or six pets in the same portrait its always best to photograph them individually. If you can photograph them using the same light source this would be helpful. 

How long will it take to complete the painting or drawing?

I work to around a 6 week timetable depending on the time of year. I work on a first come first served basis however I do try to meet special dates. Please let me know as soon as possible so that I can organize my schedule. 

Can I see my portrait before you send it to me?

Yes, on completion of your portrait I will email a photograph to you for your approval. Oil portraits can be viewed at various stages as it progresses on the work in progress tab within the album page.

How much will my portrait cost? 

There are many options and you can see a price guide on the Web Store page. If you would like to discuss your needs please email me for a quote. 

How Much is Postage and Packing? 

Standard size oil portraits are $50 for shipping and packaging. 

How is my painting or drawing sent?  

I normally use FedEx but am happy to use a different service if requested.

Can you frame my painting or drawing? 

Yes! The Marion Street Gallery where my studio is located has a wonderful array of frames available. 

Can I order a Gift Certificate or gift voucher? 

Yes, I have professionally printed cards to give as gift vouchers.

Can I use my painting or drawing for my business, or print it for friends and family?

I retain the reproduction rights on all of my original art work. You hold the copyright on your photo that I work from, however I retain the copyright on the artwork created from that image. If you are looking to commission a piece of artwork for business use, or would like to duplicate the artwork for any other reason, please contact me to discuss your options .Please look at my Web Store for card options. 

Will you be displaying our painting or drawing on your web site?

Yes, the majority of my work will be displayed on my website. If clients are unhappy about their painting or drawing being displayed on the website, they must let me know upon ordering.

Is my private information protected?

Yes. All information gathered through my website is used solely for providing you with information about new work as well as processing your orders. I don't share your private information with any 3rd party.